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Strategic Planning & Consulting

MR&D offers strategic planning services in order to assist businesses with reaching their vision. Acting as a facilitator, MR&D will develop and use a discussion guide customized towards individual clients and present the data accordingly.

MR&D also offers its clients the option of taking the strategic planning process one step further by the development of marketing and/or business plans. Should our client be interested in MR&D’s ongoing assistance in the implementation of such plans, this service is available as well.

Valley of the Latte Guam's Cultural Adventure Experience

MR&D played a role in the strategic planning for the Valley of the Latte Adventure Park. Our team assisted in the update of its business plan to include upcoming projects and events. The update also included devising a financial budget projection for staff salaries and entrance fees based on the competitive market pricing at the time, tourism arrival data, transportation costs, and inflation. Utilizing data from previous ownership, MR&D was able to visualize the current state of the park. Through visitor customer satisfactions surveys, the attractiveness and effectiveness of the attractions and events was evaluated.

MR&D had direct involvement in the creation and development of The Guam Brewery Corporation (TGBC). TGBC is the first commercial grade brewery on Guam to be distributing brews to both commercial accounts, such as hotels and restaurants, and retail stores, such as ABC stores and Payless Supermarkets. MR&D assisted TGBC in the development of its business plan, including the creation of financial projections and monthly to yearly budgets and the organization of presentations for potential investors. To ensure that pricing was competitive and affordable, MR&D conducted an analysis of the market. Our team also assisted in coordinating the build out of the brewery.

In addition to TGBC, MR&D was directly involved with the development of the marketing plan for The Guam Brewery Tap House (GBTH). GBTH was the exclusive taproom for TGBC, where all six flavors of brews could be bought. MR&D assisted in recruiting key team members for the business to operate as a microbrewery pub and restaurant on Guam.