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Medical Practice Satisfaction Survey - FHP Health Center

Medical Practice Satisfaction Survey - FHP Health Center - Quantitative Research

The Challenge

FHP Health Center wished to know how their patients felt about their experience while visiting their clinic. With this information, they would be able to provide substantial feedback to their providers that could help improve their services to their patients. MR&D worked with FHP to determine the best method that would ensure the achievement of quality results.

The MR&D Approach

MR&D devised a survey instrument that could capture patient experience with their providers and FHP Health Center, in general. The survey was conducted through telephone, and the sample consisted of patients who visited FHP the month prior. Once a sample of 300 was achieved for that month, the data was tabulated and analyzed. MR&D created a dashboard that presented the information visually and could be accessed by the providers to view their personal and departmental scores. Providers and departments were evaluated based on the weighted AIDET system, a program that helps reduce patient anxiety and build customer loyalty. Patients were asked to provider satisfaction ratings for statements that could be attributed to components on the AIDET index.

The Outcome

MR&D carried the survey out for several months, obtaining data from hundreds of FHP patients. The providers were provided access to a monthly report, where they could view their performance evaluations. The report informed and assisted providers to improve the delivery of consistent measures of empathy, concern, and appreciation.

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