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Access Stakeholder Engagement and Inventory - Bureau of Statistics and Plans - Qualitative Research

The Challenge

The Bureau of Statistics and Plans (BSP) hoped to increase the public’s engagement on the issue of coastal access and gain a basis for better planning and management of Guam’s coastal access resources. They required information from both local stakeholders and the general public. During the first portion of this project, BSP wished to determine how existing planners, policy makers, and administrators perceived Guam’s coast access offering.

The MR&D Approach

MR&D was contracted to assess the expectations and attitudes of planners, policy makers, landowners, and the general public regarding coastal access. To obtain this information, a series of 23 non-directed qualitative interviews among government and non-government community stakeholders was conducted. The stakeholders were selected because of their knowledge and engagement in the development, monitoring and enforcement of rules, and regulation plans and programs regarding coastal access. The results of the interviews were shared to the 12 individuals in a group setting.

The Outcome

The result provided a solid foundation for needed efforts to elevate the priority of coastal access issues in the Coastal Zone Management Program and better meeting the expectations of the community to enjoy Guam’s unique coastal resource. The challenges and opportunities of the Guam Coastal Management Program to improve its ability to enhance public access to coastal areas were identified, and a detailed inventory and analysis of the policies, statutes, regulations, and programs affecting public access was conducted. A series of recommendations designed to improve Guam’s coastal access program was also developed. Over the course of the project, MR&D was able to produce high quality deliverables on time and within budget in accordance with the original proposed project deadline.

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