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Puntan Dos Amantes - Marketing Consulting Services

The Challenge

Puntan Dos Amantes – Marketing Consulting Services: Puntan Dos Amantes (PDA) is one of the most recognizable tourist sites on Guam. Despite this, PDA desperately needed to refresh and redefine its brand, create the company’s online and social media presence, and to develop a strategic marketing plan that would reestablish PDA as the premier cultural tourist attraction on Guam. In addition, PDA was facing a number of other challenges including: the inability to control the use of the Two Lovers Point image; over dependence on tour agents; inconsistent share of voice in the industry; and a lack of consistency in the various versions of the Two Lover’s legend that are displayed.

The MR&D Approach

The team immediately facilitated the creation of a strategic plan for the organization that looked at all of the challenges being faced. A refined and refreshed vision was created, a clear mission was developed and internal strengths and weaknesses as well as the external opportunities and threats were thoroughly exampled. The resulting approach involved four phases.

The first phase was Branding. A brand manual was developed that codified the use and depiction of the brand for use internally and by all vendors to guide brand communication. This involved everything from establishing the brand’s color palette, refreshing the logo, developing all new collateral materials, and even changing the name of the attraction and the brand from Two Lovers Point to Puntan Dos Amantes. The team also developed creative briefs that identified specifics associated with the changes required for each of the communications devices being used.

The second phase focused on Communications, specifically the preparation and development of the marketing and sales communications plan that identified all of the communications devises and tactics required to execute the new strategy. This phase also created a sales plan which resulted in sales agreements with and other visitor industry programs. The final component of Phase two was to develop an electronic media initiative which would establish PDA’s online presence through its website and social media platforms, not only in English but in other languages as well.

The third phase marketing component. This phase focused on developing a way to improve the visitor experience at the attraction. This involved a complete overhaul of the existing tour, changing it from a stop on a tour to being a destination visitor experience. This included the addition of night tours, conche blowing, new uniforms for employees, and customer service and cultural training for employees so that they can convey the rich history and culture of the PDA experience. PDA’s retail presence was also enhanced tremendously with all new signage, new and improved gift shop, expanded souvenir selection, and the examination of a possible new F&B offering.

The fourth and final phase focused on public relations. This entailed devising a community strategy which would engage the local community by involving the local art community, hosting sporting events at the PDA site, and a reintroduction of the brand to the community via PDA’s anniversary celebration and other scheduled events.

The Outcome

The project resulted in the development of formal marketing program for PDA. The rebranding program not only provided guidance in the utilization of media and other communications devices, but helped establish the messaging and product attributes that PDA is using today. The company changed the name from Two Lovers Point and established a new set of brand guidelines that will have a long-term beneficial impact on the company.

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