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Marketing Consulting Services

IP&E Isla Petroleum & Energy Guam Marketing And Consulting Services

IP&E- Marketing Consulting Services

The Challenge

IP&E – Marketing Consulting Services: IP&E, the Shell licensee for Guam, Saipan and Palau, hired our team in October of 2009 to assist in the rebranding of the Shell identity. Prior to 2009, Shell wholly owned its operations on Guam. In 2009 the company was sold to the Delgado family from the Philippines. With the acquisition, the company faced several challenges including stagnant sales, an outdated loyalty program and new ownership looking to cut expenses and improve profitability. Our team was tasked with upgrading the existing marketing strategy and assist in leading the way toward the introduction of new marketing technologies. In addition we were asked to develop the strategic plan for the Shell corporate presence in the region.

The MR&D Approach

Immediately, we convened a series of strategic planning sessions with senior executives in the organization. The approach began with a collaborative visioning process which included senior management and involved a series facilitated planning discussions lead by our team. A thorough review of the existing market position of the company was conducted. Retail and wholesale surveys were completed to identify current retail and commercial usage patterns of Shell products and services as well as the attitude customers of Shell hold about the organization and its products. By installing an evidenced based strategic planning and marketing system, it was possible to devise a coordinated set of positioning/growth strategies.

The Outcome

The outcome was the development of a marketing plan that was used to manage sales and market performance. Once the plan was approved the agency managed and executed its details and regularly reported to senior management. Finally, the results of the plan were tracked via evidence based performance measures which included consumer research, mystery shopping, focus groups, training programs and sales performance measures. One of the creative by-products of the approach was the transformation of a paper based loyalty program to a modern and robust electronic loyalty program. While the program’s name stayed the same, the ease of use and consumer acceptance was a huge victory.

IP&E’s market share increased from 19% to nearly 40% in spite of being out spent nearly two to one and having only two thirds the number of retail outlets of the market leader.

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