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Guam Power Authority Qualitative Research Provided by Market Research & Development

Guam Power Authority

The Challenge

With the development of new and more efficient alternative sources of energy, the Guam Power Authority (GPA) is faced with a rapidly evolving market for electric power generation services. As the market continues to become more competitive, GPA is challenged to maintain its revenue, to continue improving its services, to differentiate itself from competition and to develop a more dynamic relationship with its customers.

The MR&D Approach

MR&D was contracted by the power service provider to conduct interviews with its key commercial accounts to determine the views of business about them and the service they provide. Specifically, the survey aimed to identify customer service measures as the power service provider progresses in meeting its commitment to achieving superior customer service.

The Outcome

The research represented a qualitative review of the attitudes among 60+ commercial accounts that were selected by the senior management of the power service provider. The survey was not statistically representative but the ideas and insights provided by the commercial accounts interviewed gave a fair view of how commercial customers important to the power service provider perceive the agency and the services it provides.

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