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IT&E Strategic Planning and Research Services

The Challenge

IT&E – Strategic Planning Services: With growing competition in the telecom market and their competitors’ unveiling of increasingly diversified product lines, IT&E was struggling to grow its market share. IT&E was challenged to maintain its revenue, continue improving its services, and to differentiate itself from its competitorn and to develop a more dynamic relationship with its customers.

The MR&D Approach

With these challenges, our team was tasked to support and collaborate with IT&E in developing, managing, and executing a strategic plan that would elevate IT&E’s positioning in the market and the minds of its customers. Working with IT&E, we refined the vision and mission of the company, conducted a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis and identified five strategic initiatives that would be the basis of their strategic plan. These initiatives were: to bring their CDMA and GSM technology into parity; to become Guam’s employer of choice while ensuring the quality of IT&E’s workforce; to design operational product delivery; to develop a marketing approach in line with IT&E’s brand identity of “affordability, accessibility, and availability”; and to build their call center facility. Our approach involved utilizing various functions within the organization- from management to engineering and down to the customer service level who interacts directly with the customers. Furthermore, our team employed collaborative processes in planning and execution to ensure that all initiatives and strategies were communicated and synchronized across the organization.

The Outcome

The planning and research activities provided the foundation for launching IT&E’s 3G offering to consumers and businesses. It also provided the direction to enhance the commercial and retail service and sales programs for the company. The research provided has created a baseline for measuring improvements in the future. The plan supported the investment of over $6 million in equipment and technology to allow IT&E to remain competitive.

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