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Animal Wellness Action Foundation - Quantitative Research

The Challenge

The Animal Wellness Action Foundation contracted Market Research & Development, Inc. to assess public opinion on Guam regarding public’s support or lack thereof for cockfighting and the federal nationwide ban on cockfighting that had taken effect on December 20, 2019.

The MR&D Approach

MR&D created a telephone survey instrument that would gauge the public’s opinion regarding cockfighting on Guam and the activity’s nationwide ban. There were 408 residents of Guam who had been randomly selected to complete the survey. Residents were asked to provide their demographics and to discuss their general attitudes towards cockfighting and animal welfare and thoughts on the federal ban on cockfighting.

The Outcome

The AMA Foundation was able to gain perspective on public opinion regarding animal cruelty and the cockfighting federal ban. They were made aware of Guam residents’ positions on the ban and the practice, in general, as well as the local laws surrounding it.

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